Which one is a better boxing training routine?

by David Jenyns

Question by Adrian V: Which one is a better boxing training routine?
So i have a heavy bag, a speed bag, and a jump-rope.. Would it do me better if i do one round of heavy bag, then one of speed bag, then one of jump-rope, and keep on going around? or would it do me better if i do (for example) 3 rounds of the bag, then 3 rounds on the speed bag, then 3 rounds on the jump-rope!??.. If so, in which order?
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Answer by Patrick
I recommend the book “Box Like the Pros” by Joe Frazier. It outlines a whole weekly routine with details on how much time to put into each set. It sounds like you’ve got a good outlook on things. No matter what order you do all that stuff it’s going to make you better and stronger. But that book should help. Good luck.

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precisonstriking July 6, 2011 at 5:12 pm

The typical boxer’s routine is to focus on one activity at a time, such as the heavybag, and then the speedbag etc. however, you can easily get bored, and staying motivated is one of the biggest keys to staying in the gym and becoming successful. It’s not about what you do today or tomorrow, but how consistent you are over the long term. As long as you are in the gym doing something, and making steady progress, you will improve.

Having said that, I like to mix up my routine and try different things. Some days i’ll go from one piece of equipment to the next, switching every round like you mention. And other days i’ll go 10 rounds straight on the heavybag, and 4 rounds straight on each of the other bags.

What you need to focus on is your total rounds per workout, and consistently increase it over the months and years. how many rounds do you do per workout? If you can’t increase it, then try to make the rounds more intense. So, the conclusion is that both workouts are good as long as they keep you motivated, switch it up every now and then.

btw – the book by Joe Frazier is not what he actually did, it’s barely enough for an amateur. Checkout my blog to get a good amateur routine.



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