Where to Begin in Your Boxing Training Workouts

by David Jenyns

Copyright (c) 2008 Rob Pilger

Many trainers have it backwards start boxing training backwards, thinking boxing starts from top to bottom. The truth is, boxing starts from the ground up. Footwork is everything. Great footwork will put you in position to punch, and allow you to elude a punch at the same time. This is called in and out boxing. Fighters that have poor footwork are easier to hit. They’re also easy to out box. So what if you have great hands, what’s the use if you can’t use your feet?

Young fighters must be taught proper footwork before punching. The better their footwork, the better their punching will be. Fighters often get out of position do to the way they move. Proper footwork drills work best to remedy this.Fighters have to be taught how to move but still be in position to punch. That’s how boxing is defined. To hit, and not be hit, yet still being in position to land a punch. That’s the sweet science. Fighters that have poor foot work look clumsy and slow. Ali was said to have moved an hour or so around the ring before touching a bag. You now understand why he had such quick feet.


Renown boxing trainer Teddy Atlas would have his young fighters work on punching stance and footwork for a month or so before moving on. That’s why his fighters are so fundamentally sound, they work on it.

Working on good footwork is a must. Now I know you don’t want to turn a hard puncher into a boxer. Punchers need to have good footwork to punch off of. This will allow him to get in better position to punch, and allow him to punch of a solid base. The results will be more quick knockouts for the fighter. Power punchers need to be set off of a solid punching foundation to dig and deliver their awesome power. There is no denying that or debating this. Just look at how Rocky Marciano punched off a solid foundation and of course the ever so famous power puncher Mike Tyson.

Just having the fighter move around the ring for 4-6 rounds, while doing nothing but moving, will work wonders for his footwork. The boxer will get into his rhythm. He will feel more comfortable moving around and realize the awesome power of footwork.

In ending, I hope I shed some light on going back to the basics and working of the most important boxing fundamental there is. Footwork, and boxing does start from the ground up.

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Rob Pilger is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Level II USA Boxing Coach.

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