Where can i get a kick boxing training DVD?

by David Jenyns

Question by Dreamer: Where can i get a kick boxing training DVD?
I started Kick Boxing three months ago just once a week. I have the bug and now train four times a week. I want to be able to do something on the days off even if its just a light workout but dont seem to be able to find anything! Can anyone help?

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Answer by billywxyz
site like ebay and amazon will have that kind of stuff

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ninedemonsgod November 9, 2011 at 5:30 pm

Sweetie, you can alway work on simple techniques by polish them up. I’ve been doing Muay Thai for three and half years, I use to be a training partner for a female K-1 fighter and a couple amateur champion back in Las Vegas. Now I train at different gym. Even with all those experiences, I still watch videos of fighters to studies their techniques. I watch how they pose their body before strikes, how they plant wieight on their feet, how they have their hands when strike, and the list goes on. Here’s a couple videos of techniques that you can watch and try learn from on your own time:
















Now here’s a link to lot of videos of couple fighters I like to studies:

buakaw (known for his ridicilously fast kicks and excellent clinch game):

Samkor (feared for his powerful kick, that’s why I like to study his kicks):

Ramon Dekker (famous dutch fighter known for knock Thais out with hands):

Also if you want to look up some more fighters you can look up on http://www.youtube.com by type in their name, here’s some:

Anuwat – famous Thai fighter know for his powerful punches

Masato- famous K-1 Max fighter known for his excellent combo

Sakmongkol- one of most feared and respected Muay Thai fighter of 1990 to 2000

Remeber when you watch fighter, try study how they set their technique up, how they counter, how they move, how they evade or block, and more. Also try copy their combos and shadow box it or test it on bag or during sparring. You can learn amazingly LOT from watching other fighters.

Also here’s a great forum that you can visit that will help you out a lot: http://www.k-1fans.com/forum


kirstenelrod November 9, 2011 at 6:22 pm

At the place that I take Taekwondo, they also have cardio Kickboxing. I think they only have it once a week over there also. I agree with a couple of the answers, a website that you can order stuff off of, ebay, Amazon, and whatever else. Just make sure that the video is worth the price. Sometimes people sell you stuff that just sucks. But, I would suggest doing something besides using a video. Like, I have a punching bag hanging out in my garage to practice on. If you have any friends that go to your Kickboxing classes with you, get them to spar and practice with you during the days when you’re not going to class. My friend Cinna lives next door to me, she takes Karate, and we spar with our different styles of Martial Arts. It’s a lot of fun and you learn your strengths and weaknesses. You should give it a try. Good luck. =)


tjb742001 November 9, 2011 at 7:08 pm

Don’t bother with a DVD. Either try and do something that complements kick boxing, like karate, or go for some kind of exercise that improves your stamina. Running is best for that! mix it up with a circuit training session, and i reckon you will be one hard lady!! if that’s what you want?!!


ninja lessons November 9, 2011 at 7:46 pm

Ask your instructor if he/she offers a video version of a class… If not then ask if they would let you tape a class so you could practice the schools routine at home.


dvd_altena November 9, 2011 at 8:21 pm

at http://www.centuryfitness.com they have a nuber on the site . the robert kamen one are good also vut kamnark if they still have them


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