What You Need to Know About Moving Boxes

by David Jenyns

Self storage boxes play a very vital role in storing your belongings in a safe and secure way. If you are relocating to a new place, you will have to be more careful while choosing the storing supplies. Using the right boxes for the right products facilitates the entire moving process. Whether you are moving to another country, inter-state, or within the same area, the moving process is always a difficult thing to deal with. However, you can take much pain out the proceedings by availing the services of Professional moving companies. With the wide availability of so many storing facilities in almost every area, the process has now become a completely hassle-free one.


Various Types of Moving Boxes 

What makes moving boxes different from other boxes is they are designed specifically for loading and transporting items onto a truck. Self Storage Companies use standard sized boxes to plan effective use of their truck space. There are different types of self storage boxes that you can choose from. They are available in different sizes and varieties, such as extra-large, large, medium, small, and file box. Most Storage companies will also provide you an option to customize the boxes to suit your specific needs and requirements.


What to Store in Each Type of Box 

Another important consideration is to decide which type of self storage container or box is most suitable for your items.


Medium Moving Boxes– These are industry standard boxes that are flexible and can be used for a number of common household items. You can use these boxes to store books, collectibles, kitchenware and most of your other household items.



Large Moving Boxes – Large sized moving boxes are all-purpose moving boxes that can be packed with heavy items, but can still be carried easily. These moving boxes are best suited for a mix of some heavy household goods combined with some light items. You may include things like seasonal items, gift-wrapping paper rolls, ornaments, holiday decorations, blankets, etc.


Extra Large Moving Boxes – Extra large moving boxes are best suited for light goods such as bedding, pillows, clothes, lamps,  drapes, towels, clothing, unused comforters and other bulky but lightweight items. Do not place too many items in a large moving box as it can become inconvenient to lift and carry.


File Box- You may also consider choosing file storing units that are specifically designed for record keeping, particularly for legal files or letters. The best thing about these boxes is that they are self-locking and are easy to assemble.


Keeping Items Safe in Your Moving Boxes:

The most common cause of damage during a move comes from the vibration of items inside your box during transport. If you leave space within the box or you have not properly bundled the items in padding and bubble wrap, you will leave open space that create movement of your items inside the box. If there is too much space, a sudden push could cause your items to penetrate the box and be left open or exposed in the truck.

Use quality packing tape, packing paper and bubble wrap. This small extra investment can pay big dividends. Just a few damaged dishes or other expensive items can create an expense far exceeding the cost of the extra packing materials.


Other Useful Tips

While it can be tempting to use the cheapest boxes and packing supplies available, the quality of boxes and supplies that you use will likely have a big impact on keeping your items safe and secure during the move or in a storage facility. It is very important for you to make sure that the boxes you have chosen are of high quality and proper dimensions. This will help you maximize the efficiency of your storing space and will provide a much better level of protection to your belongings.

It is also strongly recommended to use boxes of similar size, as that will make it very easy for you to stack them comfortably in a completely secure way. Proper marking on the package is also important. For example, depending upon the type of belongings stored, you can mark the box as ‘easily stained’, heavy, or breakable etc. This will make the process of unloading much smoother for you. 

It is wise to choose the service of an expert self storage rental company. They can determine how best to pack your boxes horizontally and vertically onto their trucks. Their experience helps you determine the number and type of boxes that will be needed to complete your move.


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