What Boxing Gloves Are Best For Training?

by David Jenyns

Question by : What Boxing Gloves Are Best For Training?
Im looking into getting some boxing gloves for both bag and pad work! Im a PT and nt interested in sparring or and muay thai work. Iv been looking around and have got down to 3 possible options . Adidas Training Boxing Gloves 14oz. Twins Special Boxing Gloves 14oz or Caged Steel CS1 Boxing Gloves 14oz. If anyone has any reviews or opinions on what one are better please help me out 🙂

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Answer by Billboxing
My favorite and most recommended is the GRANT training glove. They have all kinds of color choices and the quality is tops. I’d go with the Adidas first, then Twins before anything else if you’re asking from the UK. Good luck.

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