Weight training for boxing?

by David Jenyns

Question by lilbaabo: Weight training for boxing?
Can anyone make a weight training routine with dumbells and a barbell that would help me for boxing?

I don’t mind gaining muscle mass but i’m focusing more on strength, speed, etc that is required for boxing.
i have time so i can lift 7 days a week so a fullbody 7-day workout routine would be best.
i don’t know whether to do high reps/low weights or low reps/high weights….so when making the routine can you maake it very, very specific??

also whaat muscle groups should i work on?

and any specific exercises such as: bicep curls, shoulder press, bench press, squats, etc etc.

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Answer by The 13th Duke of Wybourne
I’m not sure about routines, but this may help:

I play golf to a good amateur level and I wanted to increase my clubhead speed. Lot’s of professionals are going down the gym and it struck me that I need to look into this to maximise my game.

I already went to the gym so I upped my work-out and started doing free-weights. After about 9 months I was considerably stronger, yet my distance was LESS than when I started.

Point is, I had gone into it blindly. I thought a bit about my gym routine which I had adapted out of The Encyclopaedia of Bodybuilding (Schwarzenegger) and decided I needed to change tack.

First off, I scoured the internet for sports that were analogous to golf, in terms of the goals I was trying to achieve. Boxing and Rugby had big, strong men who needed to have stamina and speed. I found a good web-site called swingmangolf.com where the author was a long-driving champion. I started to incorporate a lot of flexibility training and isometrics and isokinetics, because arm speed was what I wanted to achieve.

The key to getting more speed for me was using the heaviest weights that I could move at speed and doing sets like that. I’d mimic point-to-point movements in my golf swing, isolating it into parts. I’d use dumbells a lot of the time and go lighter if I felt I was slowing.

I still wanted some strength though, so I adapted my work-out. I’d become big enough already so I tended to focus on using an olympic bar and just doing wrist-curls with that for hand-strength and chest presses and… pretty much everything I could.

Once you are big enough, you need to be able to ‘use your bulk’, so to speak.

I used to do kickboxing and one of the best training sessions is when I was sparring and just let the guy hit me, conditioning my chest, abs – you name it.

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Fighter1987 August 17, 2012 at 5:10 pm

you shouldn’t be lifting 7 days a week it is bad for your body. you need at least 1 or 2 days rest from working out. plus you don’t need to be lifting that much for boxing. 1 day a week is enough and no more than two days. plus when you do a general workout you don’t all ways need to use weights. a workout should not be the same as well. it needs to be different every time you train that way you don’t over train any part of your body. some exercises to do that don’t include weight but still are anaerobic exercise are… pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, reverse sit-ups, knees to elbows etc
go to crossfit.com for more information on fitness and nutrition. if you want to learn to box most importantly join a boxing gym and get a trainer.

here is one thing that is very good advice for boxers. on a day when you do lift find a weight which you can lift and instead of doing something like 3 sets of 10 reps just do 50 reps without stopping. remember use a weigh you can do this with. this will increase your lactic acid threshold in your arms and when you box your shoulders won’t get heavy as easily


smartman11222 August 17, 2012 at 5:12 pm
Marin3 muscl3 August 17, 2012 at 5:51 pm

Im a bodybuilder and also a boxer. Be aware that increase in muscle can decrease speed in the short term. And because of this, im not fast, but hell i pack a punch. I rely more on my sheer strength than my speed and all. I look sexi too;).

But to answer your question, do 8 sets once or twice a week max. Your only looking towards boxing not bodybuilding so this is good. On the first day, do 4 barbell curls. Then 2 sets of dumbell curls. Then finally 2 sets of preacher curls. Start light then go heavy for each workout. Give 3 days or more to recover before working out the same muscle again.


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