Weight training and boxing training.?

by David Jenyns

Question by Marin3 muscl3: Weight training and boxing training.?
Im starting to have problems with weight training and my boxing training. My usual daily routine would be weight training at 9am-10am. I work on seperate muscles everyday. I train heavy one week and light the next. 4pm-6pm is my boxing training 6 days a week.

But since ive started to take boxing more seriously lately, ive been starting to have problems. Im getting tired during my boxing training and my arms fatigue much faster. I thought maybe it was because of some other health issues so i went 2 days without weight training and hit the gym. My arms didnt fatigue and i was very comfortable during sparring and all. When i returned to my usual routines i tired faster in the gym.

Ive spoken to my trainer and hes told me that i work on my weight training too much. Hes shown me other routines but the arent as intense and i dont see myself keeping my size with those routines. I’m a fit heavyweight weighing in at 95 kg. I think if i change my weight training routine i might not be big enough to be in there with the big men. My trainer told me im a boxer not a bodybuilder.

Has anybody had a problem like this before and if so how did you resolve it.
So what should i do? Less amount of heavy weights? Or increase in light weights? But if cut on my weight training, i’ll lose my power as well.

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Answer by jackthlad3009
Yes, i was a semi pro heavyweight for 6 years.

Your trainer is 100% correct when he says you are a boxer not a bodybuilder. The question you have to ask yourself is which do you prefer?
You cannot be both. Sure you can do weight training that will aid your boxing but not too much and make it relevant to boxing. Are heavy bicep curls going to improve your jab? Of course not. Classic example, Joe Calzaghe V Jeff Lacy. Calzaghe was the slim, fast boxer who never touched weights in his career while Lacy was the muscular fighter who was very slow. Calzaghe dominated Lacy easily.

I was always told that if i wanted to continue with weight training then do it after the boxing training as if you want to continue boxing then the boxing training is your priority and it will not be disturbed by unneccesary muscle fatigue. do your weight training after the boxing workout and use the mornings for more important road work.

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Brickfists (Hasselhoff, Inc.) January 14, 2012 at 4:59 pm

Weight lifting has as much to do with boxing as airplane peanuts. Weight lifting and boxing even contradict each other. When you weight train, you’re building the slow twitch muscles instead of the fast twitch muscles that boxing builds. You can’t have both. It’s a known taboo to incorporate weight training into your workout as a boxer. It makes you slow and bulky and it makes you gas out much quicker and it trains the wrong fiber muscles. If you absolutely have to weight train, do low weight and high repetition exercises. Other than that, the only time a weight of any kind should be involved in boxing training is if you’re punching with light dumbbells to increase your speed. Natural floor exercises like push ups (performed fast), pull ups (performed fast), and sit ups is what works for boxing, and the only one of those that are mandatory are sit ups. If you’re a boxer, you need to put all your time into running, heavy bag, shadowboxing, double-end bag, jump rope, speed bag, and sparring. Drop weights entirely.

Edit – No, weights do not build your power. Proper form, repetition, hitting the heavy bag, and doing fast push ups is what builds your power, nothing more. Shadowboxing and speed bag builds your speed, double-end bag builds your accuracy, jump rope and running builds your stamina, etc. Weights don’t have a single thing to do with boxing training.


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