Think Outside the Box Or Be Outside the Box?

by David Jenyns

A wise individual may choose to ascribe to any fact that is consistent with the law of nature. This individual chooses to be a believer in the power of thoughts, insists upon the proper practices of correct thinking, and persists in the enjoyments of his or her choices to think in the right way.

This individual understands and accepts the following facts into his or her daily living, that include:

* thoughts are things,

* you are what you think,

* think and grow rich,

* change your thinking and you shall change your life,

* and more.

By believing and by the act of doing, this individual transforms himself or herself, from a level of striving to a stage of arriving on the peak of total success in almost all areas of his or her life. This individual belongs to those group of people who make things happened.

However, there are a great majority of people who oppose, refute, and trangress from the facts relating to the unchanging mental laws. These individuals are those who wonder what is happening, and those who wander what has happened. With veils upon their sights, they seek popular conjecture and hearsay and begin to subscribe other ways of thinking. Especially, think outside the box!

At this point it is pertinent to ask, why think outside the box, when you can choose to be outside the box! A choice between freedoom and total freedom!

Let us recall in order to realize that at one time or another, throughout your life, you may have read somewhere, or heard someone says this phrase; think outside the box.

Please say, “yes”.

There was also a point in time, when one of us may have written or said to someone else; think outside the box.

Again, please say, “yes”.

Around the globe, the mass media archives are filled with an accumulation of, think outside the box. In addition, leaders, managers, supervisors, politicians, professors, motivational speakers, and others, with good intention of course, have adviced the masses to think outside the box.

For many years since 1983, I have had, a cognitive dissonance (not a beautiful but a terrible noise) in my mind, in relations to this inconsistent phrase. There is always someone who say and write to me, “think outside the box”.

Then, “bang!” a sudden inner explosion within me occured in 2003, after which in my mind is a peaceful silence. Wow! Then followed by an experience of a wonderful realization and the purpose of sharing with you this discovery.

I started to draf a manuscript “the total movie: experiencing your total life now on the peak of total success there”.

More at

I proceed with verbal and vocal invitations, “why think outside the box, let us be outside the box”.

This call is because I have discovered that everyone who have written it, read it, said it, heard it, or was in anyway became a part of it, promoting think outside the box, is totally correct! I emphasize this, they are totally correct, because by logic to be able to think outside the box one must be inside the box? How can it be otherwise!

Right? Please say, “yes”.

It seems to me, with the exception of a few, many people are actually in the box. That is why, when in the darkness of the box, they knocked themselves against a stumbling block, then they give or receive advice to think. Yes, that’s right, think outside the box.

Another pertinent question, I put forward here to you now, is that why are you in the box in the first place? In addition, why do you want to continuously be inside the box, in the second place?

Do you remember, a noble man a long time ago had asked similar questions when he sketched what is known since, as the “Plato’s Cave”. Throughout history I believe that there have been a minority of individuals communicating the same message to wake up the sleeping majority in the box. Else, those who are either in one box or another!

Please observe now, yourself and others around you. Then, ask:

* am I not in a box called life?

* am I confined in a house when actually I desire a home?

* am I enjoying harmony with my spouse or am I entangled in a web of complex inter-personal relationships?

* am I stranded with endless works in my office?

* why am I in a confinement of a box after another?

Do you now realize why the song Hotel California until today is so popular? Understand the lyrics and soon you also shall know that the majority of people are actually in the box. A prisoner of our own devise. So it seems.

Good news though. To anyone who is still in any form of a box, you may now choose, and decide to be outside the box. Then when you are out, shall you experience the joy of total freedom!

How may you get out of the box, and be in the open?

Learn from the following lesson. A natural birth. Please understand, each and everyone of us have had this experience before, an initial stage where one is in a mother’s womb, and then out into the womb of mother nature. The first breath of life. The God intended this awesome act to teach us that we shall not continue to be inside it forever, but sooner or later we shall truly be outside it and into this world.

This world is a matrix, another trap, unless you do the following:

* Move away from any erroneous zones onto the straight path less travel,

* Awaken the giant within, pull your own strings, exercise unlimited power to explore the totality of life which even the sky is not the limit,

* Believe in daily miracles and real magic to manifest your sacred journey and true destiny, and also experience total life on the peak of total success,

* Practice habits of highly effective people, and I will see you at the top.

Thus eversince all those doings, I have always chosen to be outside of any box. A freedom so free, while most others choose to still be inside the box, and encountering a freedoom after another.

So now, at this point in time, let me extend a hand, if need be both hands to you, and I say come let us be outside the box. Real or pure illusion, stop now from being inside the box, or thinking outside the box. Let us enjoy our rights to experience total freedom outside. It is free.

Are you interested? Please say, “Yes!”.

Some say, well, it is true when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I say, but what if the teacher who appears is also in the box? Then let me appear, not as a teacher, but as a concern citizen who is already out of the box. So whatever forms and sizes of the box you may be in, choose to be outside that box.

So when is the tima you are going to be outside the box? I say, do it now. Here is a reflection, before I ended up in this writing box, allow me to ask you this, have you attended a funeral recently? Soon, it is everyone’s turn. Yours and mine too. There shall be a box at that moment, where you shall hear no coughin’ inside it. That box is but a reminder of a life’s journey from one box to another, and ended up lastly in a box also. Then it shall be too late, to really enjoy freedom. What a waste, ya? Please say, “yes”.

So I invite you now, be wise and be outside the box while you still have a chance, before a time, you will be in nothing else but in a box. Surely, the final box!

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