The 5 Most Common Mistakes You Can Do When Starting Kick Boxing Training :

by David Jenyns

The 5 most common mistakes you can do when starting kick boxing training :

1 ) Not seeking guidance from professionals.
Guidance from professionals is crucial for development of strong basis of your skills.
We all know that without strong basis the building wont hold.

2 ) Rushing trough , not taking time to learn the basics properly. and loosing patience.
Start slow, have patience you cant become bruce lee over night. There is no such thing as the quick fix or the magic pil.

3 ) Not having the required level of discipline.
You must have basic level of discipline if you want to stick trough the first month of the
training. After the first month you develop routine and training becomes automatic.

4 ) Negative thinking.
Without Enthusiasm you wont do anything, this thing is in the basics of everything you do
in your life. If you have negative attitude towards training and you see it as hard and boring
then the is will be hard and boring. Focus on what you get, the fun parts of the training,
the interesting parts of the training.

5 ) Not taking time to relax and burning yourself up.
Take the proper time to relax and relax your body. Have at least one day off in the week.

Now that you have read this you can be certain not to make this mistakes, this means you minimise the chance of failure.

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