Question by Sean G: How important to American boxing is an Andre Ward victory in the Super 6 Final?
A) Is it important to American boxing that Ward wins?
B) Should all Americans support Ward the way British fans support Froch?
Richard, your whole Ward/ Dirrell fighting at home conspiracy theory seems a bit much, but I do agree Ward needs to expand his fan base beyond the west coast. He should fight at MSG, Atalntic City, or Foxwoods in the near future. BTW, I am a guy from/in NY and I am a big fan of his.

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Answer by kenny
It’s important for US to restore back it’s boxing supremacy and competitiveness! Boxing has decline in the US while it still remains popular in Britain. So I am hoping with the decking US fans, at least they can support Ward because he is the one last hope for US other than Donaire, Bradley, and Ortiz!

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