Switching from weight lifting to boxing?

by David Jenyns

Question by : Switching from weight lifting to boxing?
Can a person who has weight trained for 2 or 3 years switch from a mass/strength gaining routine to a boxing routine? And gain his speed back, to be succesful in the ring. As in say a boxer who stopped training boxing, still does cardio regularly… like can you rebuild your fast twitch muscles? please leave a source

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Answer by Bob Bader
Speed is from technique.

You are born with a certain amount of fast twitch and slow twitch muscle and a small amount of “pink” or transition muscle.

You use fast twitch muscle to gain muscle mass. You use slow twitch for sustained or repetitive motion.

Between boxing and weight lifting is not a question of fast vs slow. It’s a question of endurance.

In boxing you use a mix of fast and slow but a lot of slow because fast twitch is worthless after a few minutes of hard exertion. In boxing (and in golf) power comes from technique not muscle mass.

Muscle mass is actually a bad thing. It takes a lot of blood and energy to maintain.

You should adopt an isometric mma style training routine for your transition so that you can keep as much strength as is needed while building endurance.

Don’t worry about fast or slow. Your biggest problem is going to be technique and endurance.

You might think about doing MMA instead of boxing where some extra strength is more of an advantage.

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