Q&A: I want to start training for boxing?

by David Jenyns

Question by : I want to start training for boxing?
I am recovering from shoulder surgery, and Ive decided when I recover I need to get back to or above my physical fitness before the surgery so Im looking for new things to achieve this. One thing I really want to try is boxing. Ive done some boxing training a couple times with a personal trainer, and I absolutely loved it. However Im looking for some actual training so that eventually I could step in the ring and spar or even fight competitively. The problem is, there isnt a boxing gym anywhere near where I live. Theres an MMA gym but Im not really interested in that, just old fashioned boxing. Does anyone know any tips or sources where I could learn some of the workout routines used to train for boxing? Im gonna buy a couple bags for my house, I just need some direction on how I should go about training…or is this something Id need to learn from an actual gym (there are gyms in Vancouver, but I live about an hour outside and I dont really want to be making an hour trip both ways to train. any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Answer by Andrew
Buy a spped bag,a heavybag,a jump rope, handwraps 180inches and a pair of gloves, and a beginner boxing workout dvd. Watch the DVD and use it as a reference and as you progress you can modify the workout to how you want to train. Thats what I did I have been training for a two years now and I have a boxing gym up the street from my house I have been there once and the trainer had me hit the mitts andcouldnot believe that i have been traininginmy garage,after about ten minuted I was in the ring sparring. Anything else email me taken113002@yahoo

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