Need a boxing training routine( for fighting)?

by David Jenyns

Question by : Need a boxing training routine( for fighting)?
Ok so i had quite a long break off from boxing. these past two weeks back were more like tune up weeks to get back in shape. I need a routine to get me in animal shape. I wanna feel like friggin superman lol. and i have to get in good shape for a fight. heres what i plan on doing starting monday:
Wake up at 6:30 for a 2-3 mile run
6 pm go to boxing gym
3 rounds of shadowboxing
3 rounds round heavy bag
3 rounds double end bag
3 rounds speed bag
3 rounds jump rope
Then i usually do some calasthenics like pushups pullups and ab exercises.
And i spar whenever there are ppl availible.

So can anyone add or remove from this to make it better?
Also can you list a diet, not like the amount of carbs and proteins i should get but actual meals and a what time i should eat them.

If it helps im 6’1 168 16 yrs old. i plan on fighting at 165
how can i study my adversarys fights? this is an ametuer bout and ive never had a fight before so…

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Answer by Darius Denzel Wesley
you need more jump roping and speed bag
everything else is perfect

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marizel January 2, 2012 at 4:43 pm

According to many sources, Ali studied his adversary’s fight films over and over learning their strengths and weaknesses before fighting them. I suggest you do the same, get a hold of ali’s dvd’s pre 70’s you can learn his footwork, slipping a punch, jabbing from long range, while post 70s you can learn his defense and counter punching. His left right left under over under his opponents left jab was perfected then as well as his fake left to a right hand lead to the head after many years of his opponents working at blocking his left jab seemed perfected as well.

Again he did not just get in the ring and outbox all his competitors, he had several proven strategies against different styles based on how they fought in the films he studied. So add some videos to your routine and perhaps work out every other day on the heavy bags allowing the muscle tissue to rebuild.


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