Most Important Equipment for Boxing Training at Home

by David Jenyns

When you’re ready to start boxing training at home then you of course need to know what boxing equipment you have to purchase. However, when you’re on a budget, or when you’re short on space, you can’t buy every single piece of boxing equipment.

To solve the problem, here’s a piece by piece list of the most crucial equipment for successful and effective workouts. Basically, if I was strapped for cash but wanted to start training with boxing workouts at home, I’d start buying equipment at the top of the list and work my way down.

1. Heavy Bag: The heavy bag is the quintessential piece of boxing equipment that we are all familiar with. You can get ones that hang from the ceiling or you can get free standing versions as well. Typically, hanging bags are of a higher quality and are more versatile but it isn’t always possible for everyone’s situation.

2. Boxing Gloves: It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a pair of boxing gloves is essential for boxing training at home. Unless you plan on sparring, you can purchase a relatively cheap pair gloves specifically trained for bag training.

3. Hand Wraps: Your hands are your tools for your boxing workouts. You need to take the utmost care in protecting them, or else your workouts are going to painful and short lived.

4. Round Timer: So many people overlook the basic round timer and it’s such a shame, because it’s an absolutely great tool for your boxing workouts. You can set up rounds of different lengths and be alerted with warning buzzers, and also receive rest intervals just as if you were in a fight or sparring session.

5. Full Length Mirror: I can’t stress enough how great a floor mirror is for boxing training at home. You can get your shadow boxing done, and you can really watch and correct your technique.

6. Speed Bag: The speed bag is a fantastic tool for you to train your hand speed, coordination, timing, reflexes and arm stamina. You’ll build up strength in your shoulders, wrists and arms as you fine tune your hand eye coordination and overall boxing skill.

7. Pull Up Bar: The pull up bar is an all purpose tool that can help you pack on strength and lean muscle mass without bulking up too much. You can use pull up bars to pack on strength in your back, core and arms all at once.

8. Medicine Ball: A medicine ball is a very versatile piece of equipment. You can do a huge variety of abdominal exercises, and you can also build up your toughness. Additionally, you can get creative and do a wide range of exercises with a medicine ball to work your shoulders, chest, legs and core.

When you’re ready to start boxing training at home, the above is what you need to consider. Start at the top of this list and work your way down, and you’ll get a full range of essential boxing equipment to complete your at home boxing workouts.

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