How the Jump Rope Gets You Lean and Ripped in Your Boxing Training Workouts

by David Jenyns

Learn why the jump rope is such a power training tool. People seem to neglect this tool BIG time in their training. Fighters have been using the jump rope for years in their boxing training workouts to shred the fat from their bodies. Now you will to.

Why do so many people neglect the jump rope? I feel people really don’t want to look foolish using this wonderful training tool. Jumping rope takes coordination to use. It seems that many people like the timing. When people begin jumping rope they tend to get frustrated as the rope gets tangled in their feet. I say if you can’t, you must! and you will start to build a beautiful rhythm if you stay with it. That’s the great benefit of using this tool. Your conditioning improves, you burn lots of fat, and your coordination improves like never before. Like the saying goes, Nothing great in life comes easy!

Here is a sample jump rope workout you can use to get started.

Getting Started

You can start out using one or two minute rounds. This will all depend on your current condition. If you’re out of shape start with one minute rounds. If you are an intermediate try using two minute rounds of jumping rope. Rest one minute between rounds. Keep a nice constant brisk pace going. Try performing 2-4 rounds. Again, this all depends on your current condition.

Stay close to the ground while jumping rope. Jumping to high will beat up your joints. Just stay relaxed and build a nice rhythm.

Mixing it up

You can mix up the workout by shuffling your feet while jumping. Move your feet front to back while jumping rope low to the ground. Be patient, as this takes a lot of coordination to do.

Putting it to use

If you can stick with the above guidelines, I guarantee that you will see your waist line shrink. You will gain confidence, along with improved coordination. Try getting this from a stationary bike, stair climber, or elliptical! I can’t emphasize enough, on why this workout makes so much sense to perform! Along with the low cost of the jump rope, it takes little space to perform. You get a great workout in less time. If you do it at home you also save on drive time to the gym.

This is even more reason to go get started!

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