how much boxing training would it take before you could hold your own against your average street thug?

by David Jenyns

Question by : how much boxing training would it take before you could hold your own against your average street thug?
I say about six months of hard training. I am 5’8 220 pounds and about 25% body fat and I plan to stick it to this one annoying thug I work with who is 6’4 240 pounds and around 20% body fat. I think I have a good chance since he is a smoker and he is only a street fighter.

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Answer by americasfavoritethug
Sounds like your gonna get beat up.
Naw, but if you get him first and get him good, you will take his heart. Usemyour low center of gravity and step in with a good overhand. He will realize then he messed with the wrong dude.6 months sounds about right. Some people Advance quicker and some take longer than others. But if you can get you endurance/ stamina up to do 3 rounds you should be good. Plenty of sparring to get your timing and punches down pact.. The thing is, if you last the first 30 seconds your better off because your skill and stamina will take over. He wont be able to hang with you after about 30 seconds he will be breathing too hard from missing and smoking. Good luck.

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dis27337 July 18, 2012 at 5:15 pm

It depends if he is strong or not. Anyway, it also depends on how many fights you have both been in. If you box for a while, you should be okay.

If you train hard, spar, get more sleep and improve your diet, you should be okay. Make sure he gets tired before you. I would not suggest too many body shots during the fight unless you are comfortable with them and very confident. Use angles and move side to side after your punches/combos, especially if he is slow. It will be hard to block his punches like you do in the ring(because you wont have on gloves) so work a lot on evasion and ducking. He may try to take it to the ground, which in that case your boxing wont help you much. If you are boxing to beat him up specifically i would suggest some other form of fighting. The problem with that, however, is that it will be more expensive and take longer. Unless you can find a place where you start sparring soon, it may not be worth it. The right kicks and grapples will help, but he has 20 pound on you so wrestling will be a challenge. If you were a good enough boxer you could knock him out, but 6 months will be tough.


If you get the first hit, I suggest jaw, although I have been told the temple will be good too. I really suggest jaw, and don’t miss. Straight punches, NO SWINGING!

Do not just train speed at the gym. Train power as well, but speed will help you a lot. He is a strong guy, so power may be what you need, but it will come with speed. Make sure you have a good balance, ask the trainer about speed/power. You want good footwork so you are quick; don’t lose your balance. You dont have to be a rabbit, but definitely try to be faster than him. “The first with the most.” Most streetfights do not last long, depending on where they are. If you know it will be quick, give it all you got. However, stay calm. Most people do not in a fight, the adrenaline gets the best of them and they swing like crazy and dont even look at the other guy. Boxing(sparring) will help you stay calm.
You most likely arent fighting him at work.

Dont let him or anyone know you box. If he knows, he will not stand up and will try to bring you to the ground.

Best thing is to avoid the fight. Talk to him, calmly and just ask him to stop. Do not be dumb. Make sure he isnt the kind of guy to bring a weapon or anything. But remember, best way to not get beat up is to not fight. But if you want to win, make boxing your top priority, and your health as well. Also, no sex/masturbation. It releases testosterone, which you need for your training and the fight. Look up dieting for what your goal is as well.

Reply July 18, 2012 at 6:13 pm

5 or 6 months is the least amount of time to be at sparing levil but if you dont have talent itd be like 8 or 10 months one you reach sparring levil you have nothing to worry about in a street fight and if you do fight dont strike first youll get arrested let him touch you first and when your at sparring levil youll be able to dodge his punches so just do that and throw a few jabs at his nose that will infuriate him he’ll get tired in 10 seconds of swinging like crazy dont let your hands go just give him jabs and dodge


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