How long does hot boxing my bathroom with a vaporizer smell for?

by David Jenyns

Question by : How long does hot boxing my bathroom with a vaporizer smell for?
I want to try hot boxing my bathroom with a vaporizer but I am having trouble finding anything on the internet about that. Anyone have any input? How long does hotboxing your bathroom usually smell for?

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Hey i’m the perfect person for this, I smoke in my bathroom like EVERY NIGHT. Lol. If you keep the vent on that sucks up air, and you fill up a steamy hot bathtub, and you smoke around the vent, the smell shouldn’t linger too much. But to ensure this, run the shower with really hot water and keep the curtain open when you are done, while spraying a little of something strong by the door (underneath [oh yeah and keep a towel by the crack under the door so the smell doesn’t escape into the halls.]) Using some kind of cleaner on your sink and around the rims of your tub will also add to the covering of the smell. Thats what I do! And if the bathroom may be used by someone else soon after, I would no suggest doing this. Make sure to dispose of all evidence of you even in there, turn the fan off, spray a little more or something with s scent (Hairspray, perfume, ect). And finally, for yourself. Put something in your hair to get rid of them smell in your hair. And go into you room with the clothes you had on in the bathroom, and change immediately after putting you “supplies” away. Put your clothes somewhere the odor will not be too strong, and you’re good!
I hope this helps. It works for me every time. Just concentrate on the vent, the stream from the shower, the sprays, your hair, and clothes. You should be good then.

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