How important to American boxing is an Andre Ward victory in the Super 6 Final?

by David Jenyns

Question by Sean G: How important to American boxing is an Andre Ward victory in the Super 6 Final?
A) Is it important to American boxing that Ward wins?
B) Should all Americans support Ward the way British fans support Froch?
Richard, your whole Ward/ Dirrell fighting at home conspiracy theory seems a bit much, but I do agree Ward needs to expand his fan base beyond the west coast. He should fight at MSG, Atalntic City, or Foxwoods in the near future. BTW, I am a guy from/in NY and I am a big fan of his.

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Answer by kenny
It’s important for US to restore back it’s boxing supremacy and competitiveness! Boxing has decline in the US while it still remains popular in Britain. So I am hoping with the decking US fans, at least they can support Ward because he is the one last hope for US other than Donaire, Bradley, and Ortiz!

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Booyaka August 5, 2012 at 5:34 pm

A) No. Its more important to American Boxing that Ward goes and forgets everything hes knows about boxing, then goes and finds Kevin Rooney and learns how to be a pressure fighting swarmer, who destroys people in the first round.

Then he should sit down and get lessons from the great Ricardo Mayorga on trash talking, and put those skills to use in every interview, press conference and weigh in that hes involved in.

Personalities and aggressiveness are more important than resumes for American boxing.

B) Yes and No.

Yes. They should sing, chant and beat drums as well like the Ricky Hatton fans. Get passionate, get ENERGISED! I mean if America was playing England in soccer, u’d support America right? That is if u even cared about soccer enough to know they were playing.

Then again, No, because while team sports have a more tribal undercurrent, in individual sports you should be able to base ur like/dislike on the individual.


Roscoe O: WE CAN WE WILL! August 5, 2012 at 6:12 pm

A) Ward winning the super 6 would have no impact on American boxing and in my opinion would simply reveal the marketing trouble facing it. Could anyone imagine Adrian Gonzalez, Kevin Durant or Aaron Rogers dominating their sport in anonymity? Ice skaters and skiers have more name recognition than this guy and he’s been the lead dog in boxings best division.

B) Absolutely, but it will not happen. Nationalistic apathy has crept into our society to the point that many people don’t care about international competition of any kind unless their livelihood depends on it. It turned my stomach when a large chorus of boos occurred during The Star Spangled Banner in Hatton vs. Mayweather without those bums getting ran out of the building.


Wiseman August 5, 2012 at 6:15 pm

A~ I don’t think that it is too important that Andre Ward wins because he has already proved what he can do, so if Carl Froch beats Ward i will not discredit ward, but give Carl Froch his due credit instead.

B~I feel they already do in the state of California, but if he was to fight Bernard Hopkins Ward would be a cashcow just like Mayweather and Pacquiao.


Richard August 5, 2012 at 6:49 pm


I said it before and was told I was wrong but I genuinely believe boxing promoters in America know that Mayweather, Hopkins etc are near to retiring. They know Mexico wont struggle to produce a star etc and seem worried about America in my opinion.Pacquiao is the worlds most famous and recognisable boxer just now,America no longer has a heavyweight champ etc,American boxing is headin towards its most anonymous stage on the world scale in years,possibly ever. This is why I believe Ward was given home advantage (perhaps I should stop saying advantage but it must help fighting at home)in each fight of the Super 6 (not in any way saying he would have lost the fights,just that he was the only one allowed this). Ward is a likeable character and is everything that boxing promoters want from a fighter outside the ring, I feel people have invested more in him than if he had been a thuggish braggart as this does nothing to draw in fans outside of boxing circles and people are tiring of such fighters.Ward has efverything going for him in that respect.

For me the fact that he was the only boxer allowed to fight at home in each fight tells me it is of great importance (either to his promoter,tv companies or the American public) that he got to the final.If it was so important he got to the final that he would be given special exceptions (when at the start of the tournament he was in no way the most established boxer) this screams to me that somewhere along the line someone/something relies (and relied since the start of the tournament) on Ward winning.

In a tournament of 6 international boxers where arguably Ward and Dirrell were the 5th and 6th most established/succesfull of the bunch why would the guy at the bottom get to call the shots ( I dont think Ward called the shots,but his promoter etc did)?

I will go as far as saying I think Dirrell was the sacrificial lamb in order that Ward could make it to the top.Someone must have deemed it neccessary that Ward was afforded more luxuries (for want of a better word) than Dirrell and surely this suggests that it was of great importance that Ward made it all the way.

B)They probably should get behind him but is a guy from New York for instance really going to be too bothered about a boxer that fights exclusively out of California?Part of Froch’s appeal is that he has boxed all over England (norht,south,east,west)so allowed fans from Wales and Scotland to be near enough to watch him fight.This is why people from at least 3 British countries will get behind him, the fact he fights anywhere is part of his appeal.I dont think the same can be said of Ward at this stage.

If Ward wins the Super 6 then takes his show on the road and allows other Americans to watch him in person this will make him just as popular in the US as Froch is in the UK.



Francis Carter August 5, 2012 at 7:01 pm

not at all


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