How and where can I include boxing in a resume?

by David Jenyns

Question by : How and where can I include boxing in a resume?
I recently enrolled in a boxing club/gym. I am a student there and train there, and I was wondering how I can input that into my resume. Since boxing requires a lot of discipline and skill, I figured it would augment perceptions of me in my resume. My question though is, where do I include it? Do I include it in the “Education” section? Or Skills? Or do I make an entire separate “category” in which to include it in? Help!

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Answer by jimM
It wouldn’t be in the main sections. Sometimes in resumes people will add activities and clubs. You could add it there, although it would be more effective if you had other activities in there as well. Just remember, most employers are spending only seconds glancing over your resume and they are looking for specific things to the job. I wouldn’t get too caught up in things that they may not see relevant to the job at hand.

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