Does boxing training make you build muscle and burn fat?

by David Jenyns

Question by OffitMan: Does boxing training make you build muscle and burn fat?
I’ve been doing boxing for years now, and it’s kept me in shape, not very good shape though, i’m not fat, but i’m not muscly either. Does/should it build arms muscles from punching so much? If not, can I do weight training as well as boxing or would it just be burnt off or something?

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Both boxing makes you burn fat but the other workout build you up.

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Lee Bezos July 24, 2011 at 5:33 pm

You’re arms will have some tone, but they won’t have a lot of definition. If you’re looking to be in great shape, you have to add resistance training. This can be in many forms, not just getting on a bench and doing reps.

What will probably be best for you is a regimen of your basic weight training exercises, and then incorporate some specific exercises that will help you in the ring.

A couple examples:
One-arm chest press (simulates punch)
Squats (powerful legs help get quicker movement, and helps with the punching)
ab twists (simulates motion as you begin the punch)

Anything else core related will help too. This will add to what you’re already doing, and with the cardio you get from boxing, you should see some results quick.


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