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Question by Jon S: Your advice on my Fitness training routine?
Hey, I’am 16 years old. My height is 6ft (182cm) and my bodyweight is 11 stones (70kg). This is my training routine as followed.

Monday –
Boxing training (5 sets of 3 minutes skipping, 30 minutes bag work and 10 minutes circuit training)
Tuesday –
10 sets of 2 minutes rounds of shadow boxing with a 1kg dumbell in each hand.
15 minutes of interval training on treadmill
Wednesday –
5 sets of 3 minutes skipping
20 minutes of punch bag work.
Thursday –
10 sets of 2 minutes rounds of shadow boxing with a 1kg dumbell in each hand.
1 hour of weight training
Friday –
Boxing training (5 sets of 3 minutes skipping, 30 minutes bag work and 10 minutes circuit training)
Saturday –
Sunday –
1 hour of Football (Non-serious as just a friendly game with mates)

Whats your thoughts? Do you think it’s good for general fitness?

Your advice would be much appreciated.

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Answer by Matt F
For general fitness standards I think you are on the right track. If you want to seriously take the sport of boxing on as a full time thing, you need to speak with a trainer in order to modify what you do.

As for the football, depending upon which position you play with your mates makes all the difference.

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