Can i go boxing training with NO food in my system?

by David Jenyns

Question by 92_KelSeY_07: Can i go boxing training with NO food in my system?
I started taking ECA capsules last week (Ephedrine, Caffeine & Aspirin).. & i’ve lost 11lb in a week! I havn’t eaten anything except Lollies to keep my sugar levels up, and have only drank water. Is it safe to start boxing training again, without eating, or could i end up fainting?

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Answer by Ant Boogieâ„¢
You can but you might hurt yourself badly. Boxing training is very intense. Where will the energy come from? Your body will burn your muscles to create energy. So loss of muscle means a slowed metabolism which means its easier to store your future binging as fat, and on and on.

You may have lost 11 lbs but it ain’t from fat. Not eating will sacrifice your muscles before shedding your fat.

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jeffach September 22, 2011 at 5:20 pm

Ant Boogie is totally right when you starve yourself your body burns off muscle before the fat. And our bodies cant burn 11lbs of fat in a week, not possible. ECA is a great fat loss stack, you dont need to starve your self while on it. Why not try eating actual healthy food instead of lollipops


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