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Question by dalek.scaro: BOXING…………………….?
This guy a bit younger than me said in college he could knock me down in college. Before i know i agreed to a boxing match with just gloves in the gym. we are both 18. Iam stronger but shit stamina but he has speed and good stamina. And has done boxing before.
Any tips on how to win this……

Any tips on winning agai
it.s in about 3 hrs
I rang the idiot…didnt wanna come…
guess he was scared

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Answer by mike p
…Take boxing lessons, that’s the only way you’re gonna learn. Better yet, take kickboxing, it’s more practical.

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StillStanding May 1, 2011 at 5:35 pm

How much time do you have to get ready? If not much… it’s not likely that you’re going to feel very good after the game. An experienced fighter will usually crush someone that is a brawler. Speed and stamina beat power. You can’t hurt what you can’t hit. Hence the importance of knowing how to box.

Obviously, it would be best if you had several months to prepare and could spend a couple hours every day in the gym working on your stamina, hand speed, and balance. Even then, you would barely qualify as a boxing novice. But hey, you’ve always got a puncher’s chance.

If time is short, go to a boxing gym and hire a personal trainer for an hour. Have him show you how to punch effectively and where to put your arms hands for defense. Balance and technique can help you make decisions under duress. It’s not like a bar brawl. Find a few basic strikes that you can deliver with consistency.

When the fight starts, don’t chase. Let him come to you, and then hold your ground. Saves your wind. Keep your hands up. Keep your chin down. Don’t back up. And let your hands go (punch!). If you’re not conditioned for fighting, you will burn up on adrenaline in the first few minutes. After that, you can’t breath or punch worth a damn.

And then, post it on YouTube! ha.


LittleLick May 1, 2011 at 5:48 pm

if hes small just keep him at your reach which is out of his. if hes taller then just protect untill you find the opening.

but bare this in mind, if a man, has it in his head that he cannot be beaten, he will be hard to beat.


David M May 1, 2011 at 6:45 pm

You are at a pretty big disadvantage, indeed. Speed and stamina are much more important than strength and size. With that said, there are still good ways to neutralize this advantage. What you don’t want to do is fight using his strategy. You don’t want to throw as many punches as he does. Where I would recommend spending your preparation is on defense and cutting off the ring (or the fighting area, whichever the case may be). Since you characterize your opponent as fast and in shape, chances are his primary weapon will be his jab. He will attempt to beat you through inflicting cumulative damage by jabbing you. Lucky for you, this is a ranged weapon. You cannot throw a jab effectively at short distances. So, if you make sure you stayed relatively glued to his body, say one foot away at all times, you have effectively neutralized his weapon. Meanwhile, your strength can be maximized inside. The strength punches – hooks and uppercuts – are close range weapons. Throw them only when you have an opening, such as when your opponent moves out to re-establish his jabbing range. Practice defense, defense, defense.


Vinsanity May 1, 2011 at 6:57 pm

JAB JAB JAB JAB fake with one hand jab with the other. If U do end up winning call me up and we will do business. Ill take u to the top!


lizardness May 1, 2011 at 7:24 pm

The other poster was right: JAB.

You’re right handed? Then left Jab with your chin tucked in and right hand in protective position. Use the left jab like a straight quick thrust that will keep him out of position and keep you safe. Jab to the body and jab to the head but pull that hand back and in position quickly at all times. Don’t let him see a set pattern, but jab to the chin, chest and occasionally solar plexus. Don’t let him near you and don’t even think of turning that jab into a left hook.. Learn to throw the upper cut and right cross if he comes in close. He’s not going to expect those out of a novice. Body shots will steal his stamina and slow him down. Work the body while protecting your head. Good luck!


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