Boxing Training Equipment: Top Ten Canada Provides The Industry’s Top Products

by David Jenyns

Boxing training equipment from Top Ten Canada keeps you out of harm’s way, ensuring that you’re able to stay in the ring, practicing and competing in the sports you love. Our products are designed with the tough demands of contact sports in mind, combining high quality and affordable prices together to create an exceptional option for every customer. From training bags and protective gear to uniforms, focus targets and more, Top Ten Canada is the premier resource for every athlete.

Boxers have to be careful to protect themselves from the dangers that come along with practicing and competing in the sports they’re passionate about. Top Ten Canada knows that amateur and professional athletes alike need to wear proper boxing training equipment that guards them against the injuries [both minor and major] that come from practicing and competing in these sports.  

Top Ten Canada supplies our customers with all of the products they require to safely [and comfortably] train and compete in the sports they love. We’ve worked hard to make our online store into the only resource necessary for finding every product involved with contact sports. Top Ten Canada stocks kickboxing, martial arts and boxing training equipment that includes outstanding items in categories such as standard gloves, open-hand gloves, headgear, shin guards, belly and chest guards, groin guards, shoes, boots and MMA gear. Our store sells pants, robes, jackets, sports bags, training suits, uniforms, shorts, trunks, tank tops, shirts, hoodies and more as well. For training purposes, Top Ten Canada supplies mitts, sports bags and important products like focus targets [for punching, kicking practice, etc.] and much more.   

We’ve created our website as the easiest way to keep up to date with each of the martial arts, kickboxing and boxing training equipment products currently for sale at Top Ten Canada. Our online home hosts online sizing charts and a constantly updated list of new products released by Top Ten. We also provide frequent deals on limited-time clearance items, weekly specials and more. Top Ten Canada gives you the ability to sign up for our newsletter to receive information on the latest discounts and even a free, 20% off coupon for your next purchase of boxing training equipment and more.

Top Ten Canada is an active member of the boxing, kickboxing and martial arts competitive world as well. Over the years we’ve become well known as a reputable and supportive company in the contact sports industry. Top Ten Canada is currently a proud sponsor and supplier for respected organizations such as Boxe Quebec, Boxing Ontario, Boxing Canada, Canadian Tae Kwon Do Federation International, Council of Amateur Sport Kick Boxing and many more.

Find the industry’s top martial arts, kickboxing and boxing training equipment when you shop with Top Ten Canada. We lead our field by providing high quality products at exceptionally low prices — giving you the smartest choice for excellent sports protection shopping.

For more information on Top Ten Canada and its entire line-up of boxing training equipment, visit TopTenCanada.

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Top Ten Canada specializes in top-quality sports safety equipment for kick boxing, boxing, and martial arts. When it comes to protecting you in these sports, Top Ten reigns supreme! For more information, visit

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