Boxing Training Drills for Performing a Heavy Bag Workout

by David Jenyns

We all have tried to create a boxing training routine that really fits us, keeps us moving and keeps us motivated. It’s easier said than done. You want something with a lot of change of pace, so you don’t get complacent or bored. But you still need something that provides lots of practice, so you can work on your form, technical skills and fundamentals. These boxing training drills for a heavy bag workout will get you going with your boxing workout program.

This boxing training routine includes 5 different rounds, all on the heavy bag. They are all different, so you will always be motivated to keep pushing on, and you’ll never get mentally or physically bored. Warm up before beginning this workout, or incorporate these boxing training drills into a full workout using other methods as well.

Round 1

Focus on your fundamentals and throwing crisp, technically sound punches in this round. Stay on your toes and move around the bag. Act as if you were in a real boxing match and trying to use the best form and the best, soundest techniques you could.

Round 2

Throw a minimum of 4 punches for every single combination you throw. Feel free to throw more, but never throw less. This will really kick up your stamina and get you used to throwing punches in bunches, which is an essential for a heavy bag workout.

Round 3

Spend this round right next to the bag practicing your inside fighting game. Work on shortening up your punches but still keeping them hard and crisp. Practice protecting yourself as if you were against the ropes or trapped in a corner. Boxing training techniques should teach you offense and defense, and this round will do both.

Round 4

Perform nothing but body punches in this round, unless you throw a punch to help set up your body punch and keep you in rhythm. Throw every body punch as hard as you can, really incorporating your full body including your hips and legs.

Round 5

Go all out for this round of the heavy bag workout. You should set a goal of throwing somewhere around 200 punches in the course of the one round. If you give it a try in a few sessions and can’t come close to 200, build up to it in increments of 25. If you can easily throw 200 punches in a round, increase the goal by 25 punch increments.

This boxing training routine will take your game to the next level. If you’re trying to lose weight you’ll be torching calories. If you want to work on your boxing fundamentals you will see dramatic improvement. If you want to generally train on all over strength and stamina you’ll be doing that as well. This heavy bag workout offers a bit of everything, making it perfect to add to your boxing training techniques.

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