Boxing Footwork – Boxing Training Exercises

by David Jenyns

Boxing is a very physically demanding sport because it requires much discipline and dedication. For an aspiring boxer to excel, one must subject himself to rigid, but effective boxing training exercises to start with. Making boxing exercises as the foundation of your training will greatly increase your rate of success in the future.

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Unlike most team sports and individual sports for that matter, boxing competition events are limited. Most of the time boxers train in calculated phases that emphasises on preparation to ensure the boxer will be at his top physical condition when the fight comes. Professional boxing competitions however differ from amateur ones in terms of training because of the number of bouts involved.

It is a known truth that boxers are generally the most extremely conditioned athletes in the world of sports. All of this is due to the fact that they follow strict training regimen that they have done repeatedly. Nowadays boxing related exercises have been adopted and applied in different sports because of its apparent benefits in the athlete’s body and overall performance. Stronger joints, improved footwork, stronger cardio, and increased physical and mental strength are just naming a few.

However, in order to reap the full benefits of boxing training exercises, boxers must not concentrate on endurance and strength training alone. This practice tends to inadequately develop the reactive power of the boxer that is vital in the sport. You are not training yourself to be a punching bag for sure, right!? Being agile and having exceptional reaction time is a crucial component in a boxer’s arsenal.

It is evident that it is important for boxers to follow and repeatedly undergo boxing training exercises to ensure success inside the ring. No boxer wants to lay flat on the canvass in just a few seconds in the first round. So be diligent, and you will find out that all your hard work will soon make you bring home the gold.

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