Box Training–Train Your Puppy Perfectly

by David Jenyns

Box Training–Train Your Puppy Perfectly

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Home Page > Home and Family > Pets > Box Training–Train Your Puppy Perfectly

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Box Training–Train Your Puppy Perfectly

By: John Mowatt
Posted: Jul 04, 2009


Box training is the best start to training a puppy and leads into the long training period as he grows toward maturity.This is by far the best start to the puppies training and makes more advanced training that much easier. It is a firm basis for his future training.

Starting your puppy in box training when he is young will put you in the position of pack leader. Box training also benefits the pup, because he gets to know the routine and loves to have a schedule which he understands. He knows what is happening and that it is predictable, which he loves. This also produces a really well behaved pup.

A strong good box is necessary or best of all a steel dog transportation cage. The metal cage can’t be chewed which gives it an advantage over wood. An animal carrying cage which is equipped with a lock is excellent. It must be large enough so that the pup can stand up and move around a little. Anything bigger is not suitable as the puppy will be able to wander around which makes house training more difficult.

A correctly sized box becomes the pups bed where he will not mess. He learns to hold it until he gets out, which you must make sure is not more than an hour or so, when he is under two months old. If left too long he will have to go and will mess in the box because he has no other option. He will stay in the box, with no problems,for longer periods as he grows up.

Make the box a pleasant experience for him. Give him a sleeping pad and a treat such as a few dog biscuits or a bone when he goes in there. In fact placing a treat in there is a good way to introduce him to the box. He can go in himself to get the treat. Don’t close the door the first few times, let him wander freely for some time.

When the pup enters the box you should praise him and make it a very pleasant experience. Then start shutting the door and continue to praise him and talk quietly to him. After about 20 seconds,open the door to let him out and give him a pat. Leave the door closed for gradually longer periods, but not long enough to upset him.

For the first day do this a number of times. Every training period should be a happy and pleasant experience for him. When he realises that the box is his private place, he will enter it on his own, with the expectation that he will get attention and a treat. When he enters the box offer him his treat and talk to him. Soon you can start to leave the room when he is in there, for a couple of minutes, and gradually increase the time. On returning don’t make a fuss of him,simply open the box. It should take about 3 days to complete this training to the point where you can leave him for an hour or so. Slowly make the time longer and he will finally be fully box trained.

Your puppy will love his box and will feel very safe in it. If you leave your puppy alone, he will quite naturally experience some separation anxiety. This can cause bad behavioral traits such as chewing things around the house or messing. When in his box, he has a sense of safety because nothing can harm him in there. He will just go to sleep or chew his treat while waiting for you to come back.

If he has to be left at the vet, if not box trained he will be very anxious and will cry. He feels lost and alone. If he is box trained, he knows you will come back as always so he is not troubled nearly as much.

The box must always be associated with good pleasant things. It must never be used to punish the animal. Don’t leave the puppy in there for more than 2 hours or so, just enough time for a sleep and a bit of treat chewing. If left too long he will cry and you must not let him out not when he is crying. He will think he has to cry to get out. Be sure he is being well behaved when you open the box. This way he learns to be quiet to get out of the box.

Make no fuss about it when he is let out,simply open the box and take him out of it to mess. Give him lots of praise and petting when he messes. While in the box,dogs will not go when in their sleep area. Certainly you must not scold him. Clean out the box quietly while he is outside and he will learn to do things the right way. Box training in this manner is by far the best thing you can do for your puppy and will have a positive influence on him for the rest of his life.

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