Beginner Boxing Training? ?

by David Jenyns

Question by DDZ: Beginner Boxing Training? ?
What is a good beginner boxing routine? Fast punches; slow ones things like that. I have never boxed before and anytips are welcome.

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Answer by Kyle B
me and my friends usually box everyday with UFC fighting gloves, and i think its good to to just keep your hands up like your guarding and do fast punches and throw in big slow punches on occasion, but if you are going to do a big punch you have to watch out so nobody cant hit you with a quick jab.

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Angel C April 7, 2012 at 4:48 pm

well i would suggest you join a gym first if u havent already they teach u everything u need to know and u will drastically improve.once u r in a gym u will find out that everything u did before was wrong.As of routine in the beginning i would suggest you start with stretching and warmups then from there you should shadowbox for three-four rounds.Then should hit the heavy bag for the same amount of time always remember to work on movement dont just hit it.Then hit the double end bag this bag when u hit it will strike back this is perfect for practicing ur slips and get ur reflexes up,personally its my favorite bag.Then u hit the speed bag and remember all the bags for the same amount of time it doesnt have to be three to four rounds if u can do more thats fine to.After all of this u will finish up with calestetics u know pushups and situps and stuff like that.AS of punch speed you should get used to punching fast speed is key only power punches will be slower,but power punches should only be used when u have the chace or u will get caught.Remember always keep ur hands up and use the jab u will need it the most when u finally spar u might be nervous and might not do as well as u hoped but dont feel bad boxing is not learned overnight. my first sparr went horrible but u learn to fight alot better as u keep sparring by like the third sparr u will notice the difference and it will hurt even with the headgear people tend to forget boxing is a violent sport with full contact punches.Hope this helps =)


ldc April 7, 2012 at 5:13 pm

hardiest and fast punches make sure you move fast


VP April 7, 2012 at 5:53 pm

Join a gym. They’ll help you with whatever you need, and they’ll also have all the equipment you need. (heavy bags, speed bags, skipping ropes etc.)


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