5 Unorthodox Boxing Training Tips

by David Jenyns

If you’re looking for a few unorthodox methods for boxing training, you’ve come to the right place. Not only do these boxing training tips work, but you won’t find them anywhere else. So what are they:

1. Fasten your good arm to your side.

Believe it or not, but if you force yourself to train with your non-dominant hand, you tend to focus more on your technique. Plus, since you’ll probably end up missing the heavy bag once or twice, you’ll train slower, which helps your technique and stability muscles. It’s a common boxing training method used by boxing & MMA athletes. It’s among the top boxing training tips gone under the radar.

2. Stick headphones to your ears.

Most people waste time during their workouts. Glue headphones to your ears. No boxing training tips will help you if you’re not in the zone. Play music that will pump you up. Boxing training is demanding and if you want unparalleled results get super pumped so you can train like the fighters. You’ll notice the boxers at the gym with headphones on are usually those that happen to be in the best shape as well. It’s no coincidence. They maximize their workouts.

3. Get in the limelight.

Find the popular people who are using boxing & MMA for fitness or for fighter training and train with them or learn from them. You should workout or learn from people that are in better shape than you are and who are boxing experts. Not only will you get to experience their boxing training tips and the types of workouts that have gotten them into phenominal shape, but you’ll also be able to learn from and workout with a person who is where you want to be. You’ll get to learn these insider boxing training tips and experts will pull you toward the results you crave.

4. You gotta pay to play.

Most people skimp when it comes to buying boxing gloves, a heavy bag, boxing shorts, t-shirts, good shoes and training manuals. Don’t. Put your heart into boxing training. It’s a subconcious decision to skimp because you won’t feel bad if you quit. If you make an investment in good equipment, like top-quality gloves, or investment that requires time like buying a top-notch fitness ebook, it’ll be harder to quit. You’ll feel bad for quitting if you spent money. It’s counterintuitive and because of that, you won’t hear this from most people, but it’s the truth. My boxing training tips won’t cost you a fortune. With the internet, it’s easy to find top-quality stuff at low cost. And the better quality, the longer it’ll last through your demanding boxing training. Over the long-term, you’ll save a lot of money.

5. Invest in the cardinal sin.

Everyone knows you’re not allowed to kick in boxing. Most boxing training tips focus specifically on the upper-body and punching. Makes sense? I don’t think so. The legs have the largest and strongest muscles in the body. My boxing training tips can’t go without teaching you how to utilize your largest muscles. If you want to become strong as an oxen, workout your legs. Try spiders on a bike, squats and box on the balls of your feet, always. Move around the heavy bag when you’re hitting it. You’ve got to build muscles in your legs. It’ll give you brute-force core power. To transfer this muscle power to your upper-body, step into your punches and use your hamstrings to force harder shots.

So there you go. 5 easy boxing training tips to maximize your training and increase your results. Give them a go and if they don’t help you on your way to becoming a champion boxer or “lean and mean” if you’re using boxing for fitness, then I’ll sew my fingers together so I can’t type any more of this “non-sense”.

There are many strategies for fitness. But nothing else makes sense once you learn about boxing fitness. For more insider boxing training tips and to discover real ‘secrets’ most fitness trainers will never know about how to use MMA & boxing as a ‘secret weapon’ for unparalleled fitness…Sign up right now for the FREE newsletter. To find out exactly how to do that go here: http://www.mmaboxingfitness.com

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Ole Victor Corral putting in work on the Focus Mitts with Boxing Trainer Barry Robinson.
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