5 Free Weights Resistance Training Routines

by David Jenyns

Health and fitness is the most important aspect of one’s lifestyle. Without embracing nutritious food diet and regular workout time daily or thrice a week, your body tends to be weak and low in resistance. That’s why you are more prone to illnesses. When cough and colds season strikes, you are likely to catch one. In order to achieve a healthy life and get yourself far from being inflicted with simple colds, you must start working out as early as pre-adolescence stage.

Cardiovascular exercises aim to break down fats in your body and this is effective in many ways such as tread mill run, aerobic session, running or jobbing around the oval, kick boxing, climber and stepper machine workout, and anything that allows your body to sweat it all out. But the most important segment of workout is when you increase your resistance level by doing these 5 free weights resistance training routines using a pair of dumbbells:

1.Hold on to a pair of 9-pound dumbbells or any weight that you are capable of handling as you do the bicep curls. Stand up or sit on a bench. Clip your upper arms and lift the dumbbells from the hip toward your chest. This will strengthen your forearms’ muscles and biceps. Do 16 or 32 counts.
2.Do the triceps by lifting your arms with the dumbbells upward and move them toward the back to feel the tension on your triceps. You can do 16 or 32 repetitions of this with only one heavy weight using two hands or two lightweight ones held in each hand.

3.You can do the forward arm lift by raising your arms with dumbbells from the hip toward the front leveling your eyesight. Do it alternately with right and left arms. This routine strengthens your shoulders. You can do 16 or 32 reps of this.

4.Another free weight routine is the lateral raise wherein you will raise your arms sideward this time coming from your hips. Lift the dumbbells simultaneously to the sides in 16 or 32 repetitions. Do it slowly, not abruptly, so as not to fright your shoulder and arm muscles.

5.In doing the bench or chest press, you can lay your back on the bench with your feet apart on the floor. You can also do this by lying on the floor in the absence of a bench. This routine provides a higher range of movement toughening your pectorals, triceps and shoulders. Do it for 16 or 32 counts by lifting the weights simultaneously from the sides toward the center.

With these free weight resistance exercises, you will be able to toughen the muscle groups in your arms and shoulders. Toughening your muscles is necessary to sustain any high impact form of workout routine.

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