“They Laughed When I Stepped Into the Ring
But When I Knocked Him Out…”


Jimmy Cox

Jimmy Cox

Are you looking for the secret I use to kick any opponents butt and knock out guys twice my size in the first round?

I know, I know

There are countless boxing training guides out there, some promise to work on your core strength, others on your upper body, and even more on your basic reflexes. But they all have the same basic flaw they dont give you the complete boxing strategy.

How do I know? Because I’ve read just about every book that has ever been written on the topic and you know what’s worse? Most of these guides haven’t even been written successful coaches – they’re all wannabes.

Of course, you want to be coached by the real deal.

Introducing Boxing Made Easy: Complete Guide To Training & Fitness

Many call it “The Boxers Bible”, written by John Walsh, who has coached, trained and developed many Olympic champions – this might be your only your chance to be taught by an Olympic boxing coach!

Inside this book you’ll discover:

  • How to throw a left jab like Larry Holmes develop your most effective offensive and defensive weapon to pile up points and keep your opponent off-guard and off-balance
  • The 3 fundamentals of boxing that you must practice every day!
  • The 2 most important factors for taking care of your hands
  • Learn to throw a left hook like Joe Frazier with a kick like a mule, and then put the jab, right cross and left hook together for a one-two-three combination with the rhythm and timing of a champ
  • The right equipment to use (that you probably aren’t using right now!)
  • The powerful secrets of the 7 round workout
  • The 3 most powerful punch variations that even the most experienced boxers will not teach you!
  • How to slip and counter your opponent’s leads so that you go home safe, but with maximum points

And that’s just the start…

If you are at all interested in improving your skills by boxing training, then I am convinced that the 111 pages and 101 photographs (everything from feinting to ferocious uppercuts to the right way to make a fist) in Boxing Made Easy will give you results you may have only dreamed of.

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Here’s the proof! But don’t just take my word for it. Read these stories from other people that have achieved some incredible results, as a result of apply these methods:

“I’ve always been a couch potato, but I have been blessed with “skinny genes” that I am not overly obese. A few months ago, as I hit my 30th birthday, I realized that I needed to start getting in shape if ever I want to reach the big 5-0.

So I searched for a complete workout that wasn’t boring. I almost *almost* took up swimming, but then I discovered John Walsh’s book: Boxing Made Easy: Complete Guide To Training And Fitness, and I was hooked. I never boxed before, but now, after just two months of training, I can honestly call myself a skilled pugilist (albeit amateurish) 🙂 Oh, and I lost 35lbs and have never felt so fit before in my life!”
– Christian R., AZ

You too can have amazing results without breaking the bank.

Most coaches will charge you a huge amount of dollars per session to teach you the most basic of drills. I know. I paid copious amounts in my younger years to get trained how to duck, how to hook, how to get a steady rhythm on the speedball, the exact same thing every session, and I too ended up face down on the mat every single boxing training session.

That was until I read Boxing Made Easy. Now you too can download this amazing ebook, via instant download, and learn how to box like a pro.

Grab your copy for only $18

Still thinking about it? How about if I made your decision risk free? I guarantee, with this system, you will knock your next opponent or I will happily refund you 100% – no questions asked. I don’t think that I can be anymore fairer than that!

Your Friend,

PS. I just wanted to give you a head’s up. This price is just introductory and I will be increasing the price very soon. In other words, I can guarantee that this is the cheapest price that you will ever see.

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